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  • Empowerment Coach - Author - Speaker - Bible Teacher.
  • Helping People Let Go of Limiting Beliefs - Believe Bigger & Move Forward in their Business & Life.

By accident, I fell in love with Jesus, and my life got turned completely around! For over 20 years, as an Interior Designer, my job was helping people make their homes beautiful. Now, I help people beautify their inner temples by letting go of limiting beliefs and moving forward in their God given dreams. 

Hello, my name is Terri Gilbert, I coach people on how to walk in ALL of their inheritance as heirs to God’s kingdom. I love to teach the Bible and make it applicable to everyday life – someone once said that I helped put feet to the Word. 

For example, you can have a million dollars in the bank, know the account number, yet still be in debt unless you take action, withdraw the money, and pay your bills. It's the same with God's promises. He made a covenant promise to us, his children. Jesus' will (the New Testament) came into effect the minute Jesus died, and we don't have to wait until we die to enjoy the benefits. We can proactively appropriate His promises now - on earth as it is in Heaven. My passion is to see people walking in the full flow of God's blessing, bearing much fruit, and living the life God intended with great hope and a mighty future. I share many keys on how to prosper, in my book: God Wants to Prosper You. 

My coaching is based on God's principles and patterns found in Scripture, and with the knowledge gained from classes in Pastoral counseling, a Coaching certification from John Maxwell, and extensive Leadership Classes, my desire is that you, too, will become more intimate with Christ and live in that secret place where everything you need is available to you, through Him. 

My focus is on Vision, Mindset Coaching & Moving Forward in Your Business & Life. 

      Do you believe that there is more for you?    

      Do you feel stuck and need clarity on what is causing the blockage?

      Do you need help moving forward?  

      Maybe you’re rocking it, and realize it’s time to go to the next level?

Individual coaching and group classes are available. Reach out and let’s setup a strategy call, for you to gain clarity. 

As a Christian empowerment coach, I help you locate blockage and move forward in your destiny with a kingdom mindset and an eternal perspective. 

I delight in seeing you prosper with God’s Word and love your life! 

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In a short version, the whole Bible, specifically:

The Bible is the Word of God and was supernaturally inspired. (2 Timothy 3:16) 

The Godhead exists in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that these Three are One God. (Colossians 2:9) 

God is the sole Creator of the universe, wholly created through His spoken word. (Genesis 1:1)

He sent his Son, Jesus, into this world to save sinners. (Matthew 1:18) 

He was crucified, died as a penalty for our sins, and was raised from the dead bodily on the third day. (Luke 9:22) 

Later, He ascended to the Father’s right hand where He is the head of the church and intercedes for believers, and from whence He is coming again personally, and visibly to this earth and will reestablish a new earth and new heaven one day.  (Romans 8:34; Revelation 21:1)   

You’re saved when you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe God raised him from the dead. (Romans 10:9)


After learning so much on Terri's 5 day challenge, I reached out to do some private coaching. That was the best decision I ever made at that time!!!! Terri instructed me on how to address the things from my past that were blocking me from Moving Forward.
I had physical back pain, like an ache; sometimes I could barely stand it.
As we worked through a process that she uses, the pain went away. I had stored a lot of un-forgiveness that needed to be released.
I have seen so much healing in my family relationships, and I am embarking on a new career journey at 56 years of age. There is such a lightness over my life. I am not carrying any of the un-forgiveness, guilt, or shame any longer. Working with Terri was a major turning point in my life. I am so grateful to have worked with her, she is truly a genuine woman of God. She has a true gift from God to help people to see what is holding them back and deal with it. - Bev Christiansen
Terri Gilbert’s Christian love walk has greatly influenced & impacted my life!
As an anointed & powerful teacher of God's Word & His ways, she has helped me to:
Elevate my Thinking & Increase my Harvest.       Coming from a life rooted in fear, rejection & shame, her teaching and mentorship has brought my life to a whole new heavenly dimension. Now, I live by being rooted in Christ! She has helped me to:
• Locate lies in my Belief System & Exchange  them for the Truth
• Believe Bigger & Pray Bolder
• Embrace my Identity & Inheritance in Christ
• Understand about Faith & How to Activate it
• Understand the power of words & change my speech to be positive
• Use my hidden potential that was buried.
With all this, I am able to grow deeper in my relationship with God. I am encouraged to be & do all that He has for me & to Move Forward into Abundant Life! - June Olivier
One of the most impactful things I learned from the Believe Bigger Master Mind was how to pray the word.
As I struggled with anxiety and insomnia along with extreme and disabling leg pain my prayers were: “God the pain is unbearable, make it stop, Lord help me sleep, I am so weary." I was praying the problem.
This class taught me to pray the solution – The Word. Things began to turn around.
My prayers changed to:
"Thank You Father for strong legs that can walk so that I am able to serve you Lord.
2 Samual 22:33 says: "God is my strength and power and He makes my way perfect"
I praise you God for peaceful sleep. Your word says: “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”  Thank you Father, in Jesus Name.
Applying Terri's teaching of God's Word has changed my life. 
Paula Phillips
I would highly recommend Terri's Bible Study; She tied together the Biblestudy teaching and the 15-week Master Mind teaching, that I participated in. I was able to heal from a past hurt from kindergarten that I linked to so many things in my life. The pattern was made clear and I was able to remove that past lie that affected so many areas of my life and replace it with God's words. I get a massage once a week. Yet, I had suffered with a pain in my back for several years, but believed it was connected to something more than sore muscles. After doing the work Terri suggested, my back was healed. My massage therapist couldn't believe it. I also used to get 8 - 9 migraines a month and now they've decreased to 2-3. I truly believe it is from the forgiveness work Terri walked us through as well as reading healing scriptures over my body daily.  I love Terri. She is so caring, and kind and she is truly a disciple of Christ. - Heather Bulthuis
I've known Terri for 11months, in the capacity as firstly my bible studies teacher, then as my coach/mentor in her 15-week program as well as private coaching one to one.
Her teaching is amazing, and I have grown so much in the Lord because of her. She is so dedicated, generous of her time and energy as very as being well presented and communicates clearly in all that she does. She goes above and beyond and great at leading groups of people and individuals addressing their needs and sharing the word of God. I love her sessions each week, she walks her talk and in the spirit of love. I'd highly recommend her group programs, however if you want to receive all the blessings and get deeper within yourself then one to one is the way to go. Terri is a rare find and I’m so blessed the Lord lead me to her. I cannot thank her or praise her enough for all she has done in my life.
Shelley Cox
Working with Terri has been amazing. She and the Holy Spirit helped me get to the roots of my negativity and insecurity. Terri had the tools to help me get the upper hand on these things that wreaked havoc in my life. I have worked tirelessly for decades trying to fix the mess in my personality and life; and in a few short months I had the answers and tools on how to do just that. Terri’s love, sincerity, and zest for God and life is contagious. They left me wanting more of it myself. Thank you, Terri, for everything! I am so thankful and am giving God the glory! Candise Swiger
Terri Gilbert has an unbridled passion to see women living in the overflow of abundance that Jesus promises us in John 10:10.
Her sound wisdom and deep knowledge of the Word coupled with her creative personality, spiritual gifts and outrageous wit
beautifully exemplifies the strong, bold woman of God that I strive daily to become. Terri’s unblinking perspective and unique
application of Truth has been a healing balm to the raw, painful wounds of my past and taught me how to breakup with insecurity,
guilt, rejection and shame. Working with Terri has catapulted me into a freedom I’ve never known! Dawn Gajan

Terri, You received excellent ratings for your workshop session last week on “Communicating with Confidence.” You actively engaged the participants throughout the session and your enthusiasm and passion were evident. When asked on the evaluation form what they liked most about the conference, many commented on how much they enjoyed our speakers and how valuable the information was that they could take back to their workplace and home. You shared several stories that were both meaningful and humorous. Our conference was successful, in great part, because of your participation. Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and energy. 
 - Billie Tripp and Dr. Shirley White, LA Institute for Administrative Assistants (LIAA)
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